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The Giverny Award is an annual children's science picture book award established in 1998 by Dr. Jim Wandersee and Dr. Elisabeth E. Schussler who was at that time affiliated with the 15º Laboratory at Louisiana State University.

2024 Giverny Award Winner

Little Tree and the Wood Wide Web

by author Lucy Browridge and illustrator Hannah Abby

Giverny Award Sticker.png
Book cover of Little Tree adn the Wood Wide Web - drawing of a tree, showing it coming out of the ground with the underground portion visiible.

The Giverny Award Criteria

  1. This singular annual award is bestowed to the author and to the illustrator of the chosen book.

  2. The book must be a children's science picture book written in the English language and published within five years of the award date. These books typically have ~ 32 pages and serve children between ages 4-8.

  3. The book must teach its young reader at least one important scientific principle well, or encourage the reader toward specific science-related attitudes, pursuits, or inquiries.

  4. The book's artwork, illustrations, photographs, or graphics must work in harmony with the text to tell an important story well. 

  5. The text must have a story with a plot and characters.

  6. All other factors being equal, books about plants and/or plant science or biology will have preference. However, books on geobiology topics are also considered and have been chosen.

  7. A book must be published in the English language to be eligible, but the award is international in scope.

For more information, contact Karlie Herndon, curator of the de Grummond Children's Literature Collection at 601.266.4086

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