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The resources of the de Gummond Collection are used by scholars, not only in the field of children's literature, but also researchers in a variety of disciplines including library science, education, English, history, sociology, women's studies, popular culture and American studies. The following guide provides a pathway to accessing these resources using USM Libraries' online catalog and databases.


Books about children's literature can be found in the following call number groups: LB1042; LB1575; NC965 through NC1855; PN1009; Z1037.


The following terms can be used to search in ANNA or with other databases and indexes: 

Children -- Books and Reading
Children's Literature
Children's Literature -- Bibliography
Children's Literature -- History and Criticism
Illustrated Books
Individual Names of authors and illustrators (Remember if you want to find books about an author or illustrator you need to enter their name as a subject search.)


Children's Authors and Illustrators: An Index to Biographical Dictionaries by Joyce Nakamura, 5th ed. Detroit: Gale 1995.
Cook Ref Z1037.A1 C463 1995, also in de Grummond

Children's Literature Awards and Winners edited by Dolores B. Jones. 3rd ed. Detroit: Gale, 1994.
de Grummond PR990.J66 1994

Contemporary Illustrators of Children's Books
de Grummond NC965.M58

Illustrator's of Children's Books 1744-1945
de Grummond NC965.M59

Illustrator's of Children's Books 1946-1956
de Grummond NC965.V5

Illustrator's of Children's Books 1957-1966
de Grummond NC965.K54

Illustrator's of Children's Books 1967-1976
de Grummond NC965.I44

Junior Book of Authors series. This series of seven volumes all have different titles. Held in Cook and de Grummond.

Junior Book of Authors PN1009.A1 K8 1951
More Junior Authors PN1009.A1 F8
Third Book of Junior Authors PN1009.A1 D45
Fourth Book of Junior Authors and Illustrators PN1009.A1 F6
Fifth Book of Junior Authors and Illustrators PN1009.A1 F47 1983 
Sixth Book of Junior Authors and Illustrators PN1009.A1 S3936 1989
Seventh Book of Junior Authors and Illustrators PN1009.A1 S3936 1996
Eighth Book of Junior Authors and Illustrators PN1009.A1 E36 2000

Major Authors and Illustrators for Children and Young Adults by Laurie Collier and Joyce Nakamura Vol. 1-6. Detroit: Gale, 1993. 
Cook Ref PN497.M3 1992, also in de Grummond

Something About the Author. Detroit: Gale. Vol. 1 to date
Cook Ref PN451.S6, also in de Grummond

Something About the Author Autobiography Series. Detroit: Gale. Vol. 1 to date
Cook Ref PN451.S66, also in de Grummond

Twentieth Century Children's Writers edited by Laura S. Berger. 4th ed. Detroit: St. James Press, 1995.
de Grummond PN1009.A1 T9 1995


Children's Book Review Index. Detroit: Gale, 1975-1993. 
Cook Ref Z1037.A1 C475

Children's Lierature Review. Detroit: Gale, 1976 - to date
Cook Ref PN1009.A1 C5139


Book Links 

de Grummond Z1037.B7218
An excellent source of curriculum related articles on authors, illustrators and genres.


de Grummond Z1035.A1 B65
January issue contains "Editors Choice" chosen from preceding year.

Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books 

de Grummond Z1037.A1 C4
January issue contains "Bulletin Blue Ribbon" chosen from the preceding year.

Horn Book 

Cook and de Grummond Z1037.A1 A15
March/April issue contains "Fanfare" chosen from the preceding year.

School Library Journal 

de Grummond Z675.S3 S29115
December issue contains "Best Books" chosen from the current year.


The de Grummond Collection has many resource files with information on authors, illustrators, and subjects. The Subject Headings are provided online. To use our Vertical Files, please ask for them by Subject Heading at the reference desk in McCain Library, Room 305.


These files are not cataloged in ANNA.


Although there are literally millions of websites that have information on children's literature topics, the site listed below is good starting point for your search. It will lead you to many other excellent sites.

Children's Literature Web Guide

This is the first website you should consult for all types of information about children's and young adult literature. It has numerous links to all topics including awards, reviews, book discussion groups, publishers, author and illustrator information, booksellers and much, much more.

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